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Host: Dr. Omar Zaid | Speaker: Dr. Omar Zaid 

Schedule Date: Every Sunday 12:30-2:30 p.m (12:30-14:30) NEW YORK TIME

You must watch the Campfire lectures in order to (see syllabus below) Each Week. You need to watch each hour in order to stay on subject with that week. QUESTIONS not related to the hour of the course will be skipped. Example, First week, first hour. Seventh Week, 7th Hour. The Syllabus at the bottom of the page will layout the order to watch the lectures.

Students seeking advanced knowledge in these areas should discuss it with their mentors. Upon approval, Dr. Omar will help supervise the writing of a thesis/paper that relates such knowledge to Muslim history and Revealed Islamic Knowledge. Expansion of this course can be arranged in the fields of Islamic history, philosophy, language, and metaphysics through AL GINKGO.

All queries regarding this course should be addressed to citing “Campfire Talks” in the memo. To sign up for the webinar, go here

May Allah grant us success and increase our knowledge base so that we become better administrators of truth and justice here and hereafter. Wasalaamualaikum, Dr Omar Zaid

“Dr. Omar Zaid shares a wealth of knowledge that one cannot quantify an amount on. His ability to teach authentic history and the chain of events from Cain to the confusing modern era with exceptional video production is a treasure. The course is immersive, intriguing, and riveting. If you are seeking answers and clarification on how the elite are operating from an Islamic perspective, then this is a must.” – Deen Ibrahim

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Live Broadcasting

Tune in every Monday & Tuesday for discussions on Things That Matter.

Q & A will follow each session as time and circumstance permit.

Links will be provided here.

Monday – Dr. Omar Zaid & Benjamin Bilal :  10 am (EST/New York Time) 

Tuesday – Dr. Omar Zaid & Abdul Karim/Leslie Terebessy : 9 am (EST/ New York Time)

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Campfire Talks

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